RRCMP "E" Division Pipe Band 
Profile: Chuck Glover


Chuck’s first drumming lesson was Sept. 1968 in Nanaimo BC with the Quarter Way Legion 256 Pipe Band. He started as a side drummer but a couple of years later, after watching the flourishing of the tenor drummers, switched positions to play tenor.
In 1976 Chuck moved to Edmonton and joined the 700 Wing Pipe Band, wearing the RCAF tartan. He taught side, tenor and bass and was the Drum Sgt for a short time. He quickly learned how small a world it truly was when he discovered his Pipe Major’s daughter and his fiancée had been best friends in grade school in New Brunswick.

In 1978 Chuck joined the RCMP and while in Depot played side drum in the band. Band members didn’t have to work night duties, so he thought it was a good trade. After training in 1979 he went first to Leader, Sask., then onto Lumsden, Sask., but it wasn’t until 1983 and his transfer to Regina Sask., that he once again met up with a group of other pipers and drummers. The Regina Sub-Division formed the first RCMP pipe band in Saskatchewan under Supt. Jimmie Nichol.

They played at various locations in North Central and Southern Sask. for the Commanding officer of Saskatchewan (F Division), piping him into formal RCMP dinners.


The band was composed entirely of members and for the band uniform they wore Red Serge, Banana pants, and spurs.

From 1986 to 1989 they lived in Stony Rapids, Climax, and finally landed in Swift Current, Sask. where he once again hooked up with a pipe band, the Green Braes. Chuck played tenor and was Drum Major. The Green Braes was also his son Nicholas’s first pipe band. In 1992 Chuck successfully completed the Drum Major’s course under Norm MacKenzie in Calgary, Alta., and led the Green Braes in parades in Southern Saskatchewan and Montana.

In 1996 the Glovers were transferred to Burnaby Mun. Det. His son joined the Robert Malcolm Memorial organization in 1997, and Chuck assumed the role of driver for practices and Highland Games. In 1997 Chuck joined the Delta Police Pipe Band, playing both tenor and bass, and was a back up side drummer as well as back up Drum Major. In 1999 he had the pleasure of playing in a mass band next to his son, the piper. However, his drumming has not been confined to pipe bands. His daughter who is as musical as her brother, played clarinet for the Maple Ridge Concert Band, and at an outdoor performance Chuck was asked to play bass drum. Being able to play along side his children in their fields of music was a lifetime musical highlight of his.

The Delta pipe band had several Mounties as members, so when the RCMP pipe band was formed, he was happy to participate. In 1999 the newly formed RCMP E Division Pipe Band traveled to Hong Kong to play in the 1999 Chinese New Years Parade in downtown Hong


Kong before over 500,000 people along a crowded parade route. This RCMP pipe band holds a place in RCMP history as being the first RCMP members to wear the RCMP tartan kilt internationally as part of a band.

In 2002 Chuck transferred to Maple Ridge and same year was asked to join the Robert Malcolm Alumni Pipe Band as the bass drummer to compete in Grade 3. He played bass for two years then played tenor for an additional two years before retiring from the Alumni band in Oct. 2006 to concentrate on the RCMP Pipe Band. In August, 2006 he was asked by the RCMP K Division Pipe Band (Alberta) to join them for their performances at the Estes Park Military Tattoo in Colorado, playing tenor for the tattoo and bass for the street parades and opening ceremonies. In 2006 he made his final transfer with the RCMP to the Fraser Valley IRSU based in Langley. Chuck retired from the RCMP in April, 2007 after 28 ½ years, but not one to sit around, he’s going right back to work for the Greater Vancouver Transit Authority Police Service.

Chuck is currently playing bass and tenor in the "E" Division band under Alistair Fraser and Rob Smith. This exceptional group of drummers and pipers is a great bunch to play with. Alistair has brought his exceptional talents to the band and the playing level has increased rapidly. Alistair and Rob have brought fun back into a band environment that makes practices a real enjoyment. This band and group of people is the most enjoyable group Chuck has played with in several years.

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